Zero Discrmination

Zero Discrmination in Institutions of Higher Learning: It is easier said than done, “No discrimination in institutions of learning.” As a new institution that is just coming up, on meager resources certain challenges are better kept for the future, when one hopes that things will be better to face and deal with such challenges

In depth of Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison, Kabwe, the place reserved for the condemned and hardcore miscreants, was one Phives Ndalama. After being condemned to prison, Phives would not allow the hardships of the prison hinder him from attaining his life-dream; to become a teacher. He tried for many years to enroll with other Colleges in Zambia to pursue his dream, without success. When he heard of ZAMCOL, he applied with the help of the prison authorities in 2007, and was successfully enrolled.

In 2007, destiny called upon ZAMCOL to rise to bar as it was presented with the occasion to enroll a visually challenged student. ZAMCOL did not flinch but embraced the responsibility and enrolled Mr. kennedy Kaulembi – ZAMCOL’s first visually impaired learner. This was despite the fact that, at that time, ZAMCOL did not have the facility to carter for the differently challenged persons.

However, with the student’s own determination, willpower and zeal, he successfully completed the course in three years, and with a merit

. Today, he is proudly serving the nation at Sefula School of the Blind as a teacher.

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