Student Services

ZAMCOL endeavors to provide the students with a complete and all-rounded support system aimed at fostering a conducive environment which can help to bring the best out of each learner. Different types of support services are available ranging from academic to social. We strive to provide an environment where our students can grow and development beyond an excellence education. We offer the following supplements:

  • Library
  • ICT Library
  • Workshops and Labs
  • Counseling
  • Student Union
  • Healthcare Support
  • Extra Curricula Activities

The Library is well stocked and offers a complete faciility for student for their research, additional reading and preparation for their assesments.

ZAMCOL has a fully neworked computer resource centre, complete with 24 hour Internet access from their own V-SAT. The college is a wireless hot spot and students with their own Laptops can connect.

For all students pursuing subjects with practical components such as Industrial Arts, Home Economics and Natural Sciences, ZAMCOL has complete and fully equiped laboratories and workshops.

The College also provides various pysco-social counseling services to all students who may need them. We have a full time student support officer and a matron who are on hand. Frequent HIV/AIDS talks are held in college.

There is a Students Union that provides students representation and gives them the opportunity to address their concerns and contributions to management .

There is a first aid team at the college that provides initial healthcare services. This team, which works in conjunction with the Students Union, also takes care of any learner who may need higher level medical attention from hospitals.

ZAMCOL believes that a student needs time to unwind and refresh. There is no better way to relax than sport and recreation activities. We, therefore, strive to provide facilities to satisfy the aforementioned needs